Become an "IHM Woodworker"  with Mr. Hartong

Acquire beginning woodworking skills by using hand and power tools to create a project that will be fun and useful. 

bake with Mrs. Thompson

Practice the basics of baking traditional recipes including breads, coffee cakes, cookies, pies, and maybe even a cannoli, or two!  Each week, students attempt a different recipe and sample what they bake.  Soon, we hope to return to donating baked goods to local ministries hosting coffee and dessert for people in need. 

Perform Creative Dramatics with Ms. Hamm

A series of mini “masterclasses” explores the exciting world of musical theater! Lessons include speaking with accents, building an acting skill set, preparing for auditions, becoming an improv hero and more. Let's raise the curtain and get on with the show!

Knit with Mrs. Howson

Ever wanted to know how to “cast on, purl, and slip” or what exactly to do when you’ve “dropped a stitch?”  These answers, and more, await as you learn how to knit.  Experience the creation of useful items to enjoy and to give as gifts.

Elevate Your Muscle Conditioning with Mr. Worrell

An A.C.E. certified personal trainer and self-defense instructor offers an introduction to weight training. The class focuses on form and technique, preparing students for varsity sports in high school.

Publish IHM's Yearbook with Mr. Patterson of Visualizations Photography

Be a part of preserving memories of IHM.  Perfect your photo-taking ability and familiarize yourself with Pictavo, design software used to layout the yearbook. 

dive into Creative Arts with Ms. Chavez

Explore new techniques and ways of creating "beautiful somethings" out of simple everyday items. Dabble in sculpture, textiles, and painting, to name a few.

Compete in “Power of the Pen”  with Mrs. Fleming

Find and develop a creative voice that is uniquely your own! With ideas, tools, practice, collaboration, and guests, you prepare to represent IHM, through your written expression, at “The Power of the Pen” tournaments.

Sew with Mrs. Forgach

Master basic sewing skills and become familiar with the operation of a sewing machine. You’ll create projects in which you can take pride! 

Manage stress With Mrs. Kaczor

This group learns how to manage stress in their lives through discussion, breathing techniques, visualization, meditations, aromatherapy, healthy foods, music, and art.  It also serves as a support group for students learning to find a healthy balance of stress levels within relationships to school, friends and family.

Practice YOGA with instructors from FALLS Yoga and Barre

Benefits of YOGA include increased strength and flexibility. Experience a curriculum of positive affirmations, breathing exercises, attention and mindfulness activities, while practicing YOGA sequences that are safe and fun. 

Promote Your view & voice via podcasting with Mrs. Conti & Mrs. Fleming

Share your ideas, opinions, and interests through the medium of podcasting! Produce and edit audio recordings, design graphics for a podcast logo, decide on theme music, and create podcast episodes to share with family and friends.