Watch IHM's Final Launch in Huntsville, Alabama LIVE!

Saturday, April 13th

Opening Ceremony starts at 9:30am EST

Launches Begin at 10:30am EST

- IHM is in the first set of launches that begin at 10:30am EST

- IHM will launch sometime between 10:30-12:15 EST

- The second set of launches begins at 12:15am EST

- The third set of launches begins at 2:00pm EST

There will be a total of 53 teams launching on site in Huntsville.

15 are Middle/High School Teams

38 are Colleges/University Teams

You can watch the launches at the links below!

Thank you again to everyone that has supported our journey!! We hope to make IHM proud!!!


Team members must design, test and tune in a rocket that will hit a particular altitude as closely as possible in a given time window while carrying an egg (or two) with a set of rules that limit the: dimensions, motors, mass, configuration and recovery systems.  Teams are given three flights in front of a judge; their best two scores are combined and the top 100 teams in the nation gather near Washington DC for a fly-off.  The American winner will advance to an international competition.  IHM has participated in the TARC competition for nine years and has advanced to the national finals twice and five IHM teams have made the alternate list (numbers 101-120).  For the past two years IHM Rocketeers have designed and use 3D printed parts in their rockets.