Tuition Policy of Immaculate Heart of Mary School

The foundation of our policy is based on the total cost to operate the school.  The success of the school relies upon the commitment of families to:

  • Make Catholic education a financial priority
  • Be involved in their student’s education
  • Make their tuition payment(s) on a timely basis

By signing the tuition agreement, you are accepting financial responsibility for complying with the payment terms set forth in the option you have selected.

Tuition Payment Options 2017-2018 for All Families

Tuition will be paid only according to one of the 3 payment schedules.

  • One single payment due on or before July 15.
  • Semi-annual payments (Smart Aid $10 fee)
  • Smart Aid Electronic Payment System - Twelve (12) monthly payments, beginning July 15, through June using the Smart Aid electronic payment system.  A non-refundable enrollment fee is required.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to families who qualify as registered practicing Catholics in our parish community and complete the PSAS form provided with this packet.  Regardless of assistance, we do expect each family to contribute towards some portion of their tuition bill.

Delinquent Tuition Policy

When tuition payments become delinquent, it is a serious matter because the school relies upon the tuition and fees to operate an excellent spiritual and educational program.  If financial circumstances change that it warrants re-evaluation of your tuition commitment, it is the responsibility of the family to first contact the tuition assistant immediately who then informs the Pastor.  Typically, this occurs when there is a family emergency such as illness or unemployment.

When payments are delinquent, written notification of the past due account accompanied by a copy of this policy will be sent to the family.  Also, the following steps will be taken:

30 Days Past Due

  1. The family must contact the tuition assistant within 15 days of receipt of the past due notice to correct the situation or make an acceptable alternate payment plan.  The Pastor is informed of this.
  2. Students will not be permitted to register or return the following academic year until the balance is paid in full or an alternate payment plan has been accepted.

60 Days Past Due

  1. Pastor will set up meeting with the family within 7 days.
  2. Report cards will be withheld.
  3. Students will not be permitted to participate in extracurricular school activities.

90 Days Past Due

  1. Finance Council will be informed.
  2. Report cards will be withheld until full payment is received.
  3. Students will not be permitted to participate in extracurricular school activities
  4. Student may be withdrawn from the school.

Families with 8th Grade Students

  1. 8th grade transcripts will not be sent on to Catholic high schools unless tuition payments are current.
  2. All account billing and fees for 8th grade students must be paid by May 15th (if you are on Smart Aid, you must be current in payments), or the family must have an alternate payment plan approved by the Pastor. 8th grade students will not be permitted to participate in graduation ceremony or receive grade transcripts until the balance is paid in full or acceptable payment arrangements are made.

Families with students in other grades

  1. Families must be current in their tuition payments in order to re-register for the following school year through the Smart Aid program.