About Us

Immaculate Heart of Mary School is a comprehensive Catholic School for students from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade. Opened in 1954, we have served the local community with an outstanding education preparing students for high school and beyond. Over 85% of our graduates go on to a Catholic High School. We provide a loving, Catholic education in a well-maintained, air-conditioned, three-story building. We have a large Parish Community Center attached to our school where physical education, Spanish and Music are taught to all of our students. All students have lockers in their classrooms and many rooms have Smartboards or Active Boards. Most blackboards have been replaced with whiteboards. Classrooms and hallways are all carpeted, including our thirty-station Computer Lab.

Our enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year in grades Pre-K through 8 is 322.

Parish Information

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish includes over 2,517 families. We have served the Cuyahoga Falls community and surrounding area for over 60 years.


Our History

Our school is almost 60 years old and has been a pillar of our community for years. Many of our graduates have gone on to successful careers in business, the priesthood, education, medical profession and much more.