The goal of the IHM Lunch Program is to provide balanced meals for the students daily.

All meals  are served with a seasonal fruit and/or veggie.

NEW ORDERING PROCEDURE :  Starting with the December Lunch Menu 2022, all pre-orders are to be completed online.

Click below to view the menu and click HERE to order.  

All pre-orders will be billed through your IHM FACTS (incidental billing) account. To help with the online transition and to assist those families still wishing to pre-order for December, the date for all pre-orders has been extended until Monday, December 5th. Daily buying is still available by bringing cash or billing lunch to your IHM FACTS account.

Please note: No longer will we be accepting paper orders.  If you would like to pre-order lunches each month, you will need to use the link above. 

There are also snack options available for purchase.  Students may bring cash to purchase snacks or request that the expense be billed to your IHM FACTS account. (Note:- If your child/children wish to purchase snacks, please discuss if and how snacks are to be purchased.)

On days that your student is absent, a credit will be applied to your account. If your child forgot to pack a lunch or forgot their lunch money, for whatever reason, we will make sure your child does not go without a meal.

Please email us with any questions at

Tana Hamad Ruester

Patti Reynolds


December Lunch Menu 2022

Free and Reduced Lunch Program Application can be found HERE