"Where the sounds of learning grow through the music we make!"

Music education is an integral part of children's education. Our goal at IHM is to provide an avenue for students Pre K-8 to express themselves and their emotions in a way that only music can. Music enforces a higher level of thinking and reasoning that improves children's capacity to learn and comprehend. Because of music education, children will lead better-rounded lives.  IHM students will learn rhythm, dynamics, melody, form, expressive qualities (tone color, sounds, and feelings), contributions of the arts, correlation between music and other subjects in school and composers. They will enjoy hands-on experiences such as playing musical instruments, singing, and composing music.

Additional extra-curricular music opportunities include the IHM Grace Notes Choir and IHM Drama Club. These extra curricular activities allow training, further understanding and growth in the arts. Students master an extensive repertoire and have performance opportunities that help build a sense of community for the community.


IHM students advance their technology skills in computer class weekly.  Younger students practice: keyboarding, mouse skills as well as universal basics such as: select all, copy, paste, undo and redo. Students in grades two on up learn and practice local and cloud file management essentials and turn in files through Google Classroom.  IHM middle and upper grade students are experienced in: Google Docs, tables, presentations, spreadsheets, Google forms, sound editing, photo editing, and simple coding.  Upper grade students focus on: CAD layer drawing, CAD 3D drawing, advanced search techniques, map files, movie editing and  cryptography.