IHM students in all grade levels visit the MakerSpace room weekly where they solve hands-on problem based learning challenges and learn practical skills.  Challenges include building air-powered paper rockets capable of flying 150 feet, Lego towers that can survive 20 seconds on an “earthquake table” and building Rube Goldberg Machines.  Practical skills include learning to tie adjustable knots and basic hand tool use.  During MakerSpace class students in grades 4-8 participate in a Shark Tank program where they create an actual; business, product or invention.  In 2017 IHM’s champion won the Diocese of Cleveland Catapult (Shark Tank) competition sponsored by Saint Ignatius High School


We have an on-site library featuring nearly 10,000 volumes, including an Accelerated Reader program for all grade levels. Students and parents are able to participate in an annual Book Fair when a variety of publications are available for purchase.